4 series XDrive stutter

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4 series XDrive stutter

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Hi all,

I am in desperate need of some advice.

My girlfriend has a 2015 f32 4 series 420d XDrive. She recently had the front right tyre changed, and since this point that corner of the car now seems to hesitate/stutter under acceleration. Now I know it’s not the balancing of the tyre because after letting off the power the car rolls fine at any speed with no issue. But as soon as you apply the power again the stuttering starts again. It’s very inconsistent though, as it is worse at some points than it is others particularly once you reach higher speeds.
So I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas and could offer any advise before I take it to a garage.
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Re: 4 series XDrive stutter

Post by Ferret »

Stutter usually refers to the transfer case :(